The Orchidlove Monologues served as the online journal of Wahkeena Sitka Tidepool Ripple (aka Kaite Ripple) from January 2000 - March 2002, and became defunct after some time. Hopefully, these writings will still inspire those who come to these lonely, old waters. The following Table of Contents list is not by any means a complete list of the more than 200 journal entries, however, these are some favourites. It is 2008; 6 years since these writings ceased, and I still receive feedback from people to this day about these writings, and so I will keep them online as long as possible. Enjoy!

Please visit IlluminEscens for a current overview of my creativity & spider-webbed presence..


> What Is Love?
> And Me
> Maggots In My Dreams
> Freedom
> Dreams & Ruminations
> This Moment Carries A Death Sentance
> Joe's Wisdom
> Finding Magic
> Feeling Nothing
> Excerpts From a Hidden Archive
> Stream of Consciousness
> Speaking of Egos
> A Song Between Blues and Joy
> My Beloved, Nothing Is True
> Where Is My Land?
> Fast Forward. Stop. Play.
> The Midnight Ride from Philadelphia to Dayton
> On Our Way
> Looking For Ghosts In Shadows
> A Cemetary Conversation

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